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This website is dedicated to providing free information about automobiles to a large audience. Complex engineering principles are explained in plain English so that anyone can understand how engines work and how to increase engine efficiency. Using fuel more efficiently can mean an increase in power and gas mileage.

This is a work in progress. It will take some time to write and publish all of the content. Come back and check periodically to see what's new.

There's a great mythology perpetuated by all sorts of public media ranging from televised news, to newspapers, to magazines, and the web. This myth has become so commonplace that it is accepted without question. The myth is that high gas mileage vehicles use fuel efficiently. High gas mileage does not and has never meant efficient.

If better gas mileage is the goal, then the problem, not the symptom needs to be addressed. There are no magical gas-saving devices. However, there are proven ways to get an engine to do more work with less energy. That means making a car use fuel more efficiently. This will be explored in great detail on this website.

There are few fundamental ideas that this website is based on:

• “Fuel efficiency" does NOT mean "high gas mileage.”
• Energy is free. Gasoline is cheap.
• Economical cars are not expensive.
• All machines are governed by the same natural forces.
• This website is based on data, math, physics, and engineering.
• No conspiracy theories here.
• The author panders to no special interest group, no matter how small.
• The author is not responsible for the actions of others.
• Try it at home; just don’t blame the author if it doesn’t work out.

High gas mileage means the automobile travels far on a relatively small amount of fuel. High gas mileage does not mean high fuel efficiency. As an example, a 2006 Kia Rio gets 50% more mpg than the 2008 Corvette while the Corvette's efficiency is twice that of the Rio. This means the Corvette makes more use of the same quantity of fuel than the Kia Rio does.

The Corvette does a very fine job at converting every bit of energy the gasoline has to offer into acceleration. The Kia Rio wastes energy converting fuel into distance. The Kia Rio could be doing a much better job than it is currently doing. This means the Corvette owner is getting more value from the gasoline purchased than the Rio owner. If the Rio used fuel as efficiently as the Corvette, it would achieve 60mpg.

To find out how the best gas mileage cars compare to the most fuel efficient cars go to the efficiency rating index. There isn't another comparison chart like this. The information is surprising.


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